Saturday, July 25, 2009

Loreal HIP Liners..swatches and review!

For anyone looking for a long wearing, super smooth, ultra pigmented eyeliner, I have just the thing for you! LOREAL HIP's new Color Chrome Liquid Pencil Eyeliners are quite spectacular!

I was first drawn in by the idea of a "liquid pencil" as I typically prefer a liquid or gel formula over a pencil to line my eyes. I have also always been quite happy with the Loreal Hip line so I gave these a go! I picked mine up at Walgreens for around $10.00. It pains me a bit to pay so much for a drugstore item when it's not BOGO, so i only purchased one at first to try out. After I did, I was hooked!

So far these come in six color's, of which I have 5. The first is "Silver Lightning"..the most lovely silver liner I have ever seen. It gives a very intense, silver foil effect, so for anyone who likes a subtle silver line, this is not for you. I adore it though, and it looks great with a smoky eye. The second color is "Gold Charge" has more of a bronzy, old gold look versus a bright gold. It is my favorite of the bunch! The third color I picked up is "Black Shock"..a very pigmented black with the tiniest hint of silver sparkle. The fourth color is "Violet Volt" is more of a deep purple and very wearable. The fifth and last color I have collected is "Green Flash" is a beautiful olive green with a gold undertone. It is my second favorite and looks great with the Gold Charge! There is also a blue shade available called "Blue Spark" and it is next on my list :)

I would compare these liners to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, and speaking for myself, they actually wear better on me! I am very prone to product smudging down my face before I even leave the house, so if a liner can hold up even most of the day, count me a happy camper! These liner's win on lasting power and price, but right now Urban still has a much larger color selection.

Overall, I am very happy and would highly recommend these to everyone!

(One tip on application...let the liner dry a bit before trying to takes about 30 seconds to set.)

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