Saturday, July 25, 2009

Loreal HIP Liners..swatches and review!

For anyone looking for a long wearing, super smooth, ultra pigmented eyeliner, I have just the thing for you! LOREAL HIP's new Color Chrome Liquid Pencil Eyeliners are quite spectacular!

I was first drawn in by the idea of a "liquid pencil" as I typically prefer a liquid or gel formula over a pencil to line my eyes. I have also always been quite happy with the Loreal Hip line so I gave these a go! I picked mine up at Walgreens for around $10.00. It pains me a bit to pay so much for a drugstore item when it's not BOGO, so i only purchased one at first to try out. After I did, I was hooked!

So far these come in six color's, of which I have 5. The first is "Silver Lightning"..the most lovely silver liner I have ever seen. It gives a very intense, silver foil effect, so for anyone who likes a subtle silver line, this is not for you. I adore it though, and it looks great with a smoky eye. The second color is "Gold Charge" has more of a bronzy, old gold look versus a bright gold. It is my favorite of the bunch! The third color I picked up is "Black Shock"..a very pigmented black with the tiniest hint of silver sparkle. The fourth color is "Violet Volt" is more of a deep purple and very wearable. The fifth and last color I have collected is "Green Flash" is a beautiful olive green with a gold undertone. It is my second favorite and looks great with the Gold Charge! There is also a blue shade available called "Blue Spark" and it is next on my list :)

I would compare these liners to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, and speaking for myself, they actually wear better on me! I am very prone to product smudging down my face before I even leave the house, so if a liner can hold up even most of the day, count me a happy camper! These liner's win on lasting power and price, but right now Urban still has a much larger color selection.

Overall, I am very happy and would highly recommend these to everyone!

(One tip on application...let the liner dry a bit before trying to takes about 30 seconds to set.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarena's Makeup collection!

My good friend Kelly has been asking me to take pictures of my makeup collection for awhile now, and I have yet to do it. I have also been trying to figure out what to do as my first blog entry...Then it hit me! Kill two birds with one stone. I have been a makeup addict my whole life, but it has become my main hobby/obsession in the past three years. My makeup collection is larger than some, and smaller than others, but it is mine, and I love it. Looking through the drawers and trays of bright pink blushes, cool blues shadows, Marilyn red lippies and lengthening black mascaras always make my heart skip a beat. I hope you enjoy looking!

The Lippies...mostly Mac, Benefit, Vincent Longo, and Besame. I also have a few Napoleon Perdis, Chanel, Lola and Stila products. Lipstick is probably my favorite cosmetic, because I love the way it changes your look so much with just one product. Pinks and reds are my favs!

This is the top of my makeup drawer...I keep my eye and lip pencils, my mascaras, and also all the products I use religiously. My daily must haves include primer (Clarins Instant Smooth or Benefit That Gal), foundation (studio fix fluid NW15 or Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous) and concealer (Benefit erase paste). I also need my powder (Benefit Georgia Peach or Studio Fix) as well as my eyebrow pencil (Benefit instant brow light) and highlighter (benefit highbeam). My blush , eyeshadow, and lip colour change daily!

This drawer has the rest of my face products...mostly foundations, powders and bronzers. It also has some random lip products (can you spot my hello kitty tinted lip conditioners?)

This drawer holds blushes...mostly Mac, Nars, Vincent Longo and Benefit.

More blush! I see Cargo, Maybelline, Vincent Longo, Almay, Stila, Boots #7, Lola and Kevin Aucoin.

Here are some eye colours. I have alot of cream shadows, most of them are Benefit, as well as a few Vincent Longo and Lola. I also have the Loreal HIP creme liners and Stila smudgepots. I have collected almost all of the Loreal Hip Shadow duos, as well as some single Nars shadows, Duo Nars shadows, Urban Decay and Milani shadows.

This drawer houses more shadows. Mostly Nars, Eyeko. Stila, Prestige, Rimmel, Lola, Revlon, and a few Mac singles from Style Warriors. I can't decide whether or not to depot them! Should I??

Here we have the rest of my eyeshadows. I have 4 MAC pallettes, some MAC pigments, Benefit loose shadows, Besame eyeshadows (RIP my loves!), Stila shadows and a few Clarins shadows.

The drawer of False lashes! I particularly love half lashes and just found Ardell accents at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $3.49!! I bought 8 pairs! I also have a few Mac lashes, regular Ardells, and a few pairs from the Japanese dollar store.

Nail polishes! I mainly buy drugstore brands..Sally Hansen, Borghese and Milani. I have been buying a few OPI colours recently...mostly OPI for Sephora. I picked up the shade Mermaid to Order and I love it! I also have some nail polish remover pads I picked up for a buck at the Bath and Body works sale...they are perfect for lazy days!

Finally I have two drawers of pallettes, sets, ect. Here we have Mac, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit, Besame and Stila.

Here we have Cargo, Tarte, Lola, NYX, Victorias Secret, Sugar, and Benefit.

Woo! If you are still reading, I commend you! If you have any questions about a particular product(s) in my stash, please feel free to ask :) Now I must go get some beauty rest! zzzz